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Climate Change and Sustainable Scale...(Learn More)

CO2 from burning fossil fuels, along with the release of other greenhouse gasses, overwhelmed the ability of the biosphere to absorb these emissions since 1850, creating a scale problem.

C02 LAST 1000YRS AND FUTURE.jpg TEMP LAST 1000 YRS AND FUTURE.jpg CO2-targets.jpg

"Climate change is with us. A decade ago, it was conjecture. Now the future is unfolding before our eyes. Canada's Inuit see it in disappearing Arctic ice and permafrost. The shantytown dwellers of Latin America and Southern Asia see it in lethal storms and floods. Europeans see it in disappearing glaciers, forest fires and fatal heat waves."

New Scientist 09/2005
The Sustainable Scale Project provides educational material and resources to assist government decision makers, civil society organizations and students:
  • to understand the implications of the sustainable scale concept and
  • wherever appropriate, to integrate Attractive Solutions into relevant sustainable scale policy decisions

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